Performance - NewsGuy's infrastructure consists of redundant server farms, high-speed backbones and content feeds that ensure fast, reliable newsgroup access for our U.S. and international customers. Unrestricted... unthrottled... the way Usenet was intended to be!
Content Completion - Never miss an article or file in your favorite newsgroup again!  NewsGuy's global network of content feeds acquire million's of newsgroup postings per day, allowing us to maintain an amazing 99.9% completion rate throughout our binary & text newsgroups.
Download Friendly - If you purchase a metered newsgroup account through NewsGuy, headers will never be counted toward your monthly download quota. Unused download capacity is automatically rolled over within your account until you use it (Carry Forward Bandwidth™), and each month you'll earn free download capacity (BonusBytes™) just for being a valued NewsGuy customer!
Retention - Retention refers to the number of days that an article or file will be available to you on a news server. We continually increase our capacity to deliver some of the best retention around!  Current retention is 900+ days in binary newsgroups & several years in text groups!
Free Account Extras - Since 1995, NewsGuy has been one of the best values around! All accounts include a variety of free features such as our newsgroup web reader Direct Read News™, newsgroup content search, SpamHippo™ spam protection, and secure SSL connections. Additionally, many of our newsgroup accounts include full email service (5 mail boxes accessible via POP, IMAP & Web) as well as storage space on our servers that can be used for website hosting or personal file storage.
Innovative Technology - We own our software & hardware, which gives us complete control over NewsGuy's development & allows us to deliver a quality service to our members day in and day out. Whether you're using our lightning fast search engine to find specific newsgroup content, previewing & downloading multimedia files with our popular thumbnail viewer, or benefitting from SpamHippo™ spam protection in your favorite groups, you won't find a more innovative Usenet service!
Privacy - All accounts come with free SSL connections, which provide encrypted, private access to the newsgroups. Additionally your information will never be sold to outside parties and you won't be exposed to pop-ups or other types of data collecting adware.
Support - NewsGuy has delivered friendly, competent customer support since 1995. Our staff of knowledgeable support specialists are available 7 days a week to provide timely answers to your questions, and to ensure that you get the most from the newsgroups and your service experience.