Bigger than a Megaton! Bigger than a Gigaton! It's NewsGuy's TeraTon™! Blow away the competition with a TeraByte of new, interactive newsgroup content every day!

As online services search for new ways to gain a competitive edge, the TeraTon™ plugin provides a quick, cost-effective solution. Deliver a popular, premium newsgroup feature through your service that will help you attract & retain customers.

TeraTon™ delivers unlimited access to Usenet, the world's largest discussion community, at a single predictable price. No connection limits! 1 TB of monthly download capacity! Provide access to the entire community or select newsgroups that best fit your user demographic.

Easily match TeraTon's web interface to your site's appearance. Present your logos, colors, graphics & more through a convenient online control panel. Behind the scenes, TeraTon™ is supported entirely on our network resources, so the service will not burden your servers, storage or bandwidth. Aliased NNTP access is also offered at no extra cost, and several authentication options are available for your convenience.

TeraTon's built-in ad module is a profit center for your business. Promote your products, your partners and feature paid advertisers within the user web interface.

TeraTon™ service includes valuable advertising on NewsGuy, the Internet's most popular Usenet newsgroup service . Hundreds of thousands of impressions promoting your service as our way of saying "Thank You" for joining the TeraTon™ Team.

The TeraTon control panel makes it easy to manage every service resource. Here are just a few of the available controls:

  • Control the appearance of the user web interface
  • Control the selection of newsgroups available to your customers
  • Define up to four classifications of membership
  • Firewall protection against spammers and problem visitors
  • Extensive reporting; access & data transfer
  • Select from multiple authentication options








Unlimited web access to the Internet's largest adult community. A TeraByte of new, interactive content every day!

Promote your products, your partners, and feature paid advertisers at your discretion.

Match the TeraTon™ web interface to your site's appearance.

Track your members use of the service and its resources.