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Private & Secure Newsgroup Connections
Private & Secure Newsgroup Connections
Newsguy provides additional privacy and security for members connecting to newsgroups through our web interface, Direct Read News™, with HTTP+SSL. HTTP+SSL (secure socket layers) allows you to connect to Newsguy's servers by simply inserting the letter "s" in your URL when you first enter the newsgroups.

Before using HTTP+SSL, you should download and install Newsguy's secure certificate. To do this, simply go to, click "Open", select "Install" and follow the "Next" prompt to install the certificate. This only needs to be done once. If you're receiving a certificate message from your browser while using Direct Read News with SSL, please follow the previous instructions to download and install the certificate.

Once you've loaded any page within Direct Read News, just add an "s" after "http" in your browser's address line. As an example, you first enter the newsgroup newsguy.general at:

To change to HTTP+SSL, just insert an "s" after "http" so the URL then looks like:

You will only need to do this once at the beginning of each session and all pages you access within Direct Read News after that will carry forward the secure connection.

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