Eliminate Spam & Viruses for Less Than $3/Month! - For only $29/year you'll receive 5 NewsGuy email accounts that include Spam Hippo™, a powerful email defense system that eliminates spam & viruses, without disrupting your valid inbound messages. Mailboxes include secure SSL connections, and can be accessed via POP, IMAP, or or your favorite Web browser using our Direct Read Mail™ web interface. Click "Select" to activate an account today!
bullet Accessible via POP, IMAP or Web - Email accounts support secure SSL connections and can be accessed through a traditional POP client (Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.), IMAP, or our Direct Read Mail™ web interface. This interface allows you to send and receive email messages using your favorite web browser.
bullet Online Account Administration - NewsGuy's account administration feature, allows members to easily manage one or more accounts from a single online area. From the "My Account" area you'll be able to renew an account, upgrade an account, edit your mailbox settings, monitor your storage capacity, add additional services, and much more.
bullet Spam Hippo™ - Spam Hippo™ is a powerful email defense system, that gives members several easy-to-use tools for blocking unwanted email sent to their NewsGuy mailboxes. Whether you access your mail with a POP client or our Direct Read Mail web interface, Spam Hippo protects you from spam & viruses, without disrupting valid email.
bullet Access Outside Mailboxes - If you maintain multiple mailboxes outside the NewsGuy service, our Direct Read Mail™ web interface offers a feature that allows you access up to 3 outside mailboxes directly through your NewsGuy email account.