Newsguy's Direct Read News (tm) is a proprietary interface, that lets Usenet users read, post, and decode newsgroup articles with a standard web browser. This is not a news database or an archive, but an interface that provides realtime access to the Usenet newsgroups through the web. Direct Read News may also be customized through the Personal Preferences area.

When accessing the newsgroups through Direct Read News, you'll navigate through 3 different areas, which would include a "Newsgroup List", a "Message List", and a "Message Page". These 3 areas are illustrated below, and each of these graphics has been image mapped to link you to additional help information. If you would like details on a specific item that appears within any of the following graphics, simply place your mouse cursor over that item and click.


 Newsgroup List: (click image for help tips)

 Message List: (click image for help tips)
 Message Page: (click image for help tips)