This area appears just below the Direct Read News toolbar and offers useful details about the newsgroup you've accessed, as well as controls for navigating through the messages within a newsgroup. The information and controls within this area will change as you move from one Direct Read News page to the next (Newsgroup List, Message List, Message Page, etc.), and the following example is from the Message Page. If you have any questions about Direct Read News that cannot be answered by these Help pages, please contact


 Navigation Help Tips: Once you've opened a message, Direct Read News will display a link that will take you back to the main Message List. In this example, a message was opened within the "" newsgroup, and if we wanted to return to the main Message List within that newsgroup, we would simply click on this link.

Open Thread View: When you click on a specific message within a newsgroup's message list, that message will be displayed in a new browser window. When you are done reading the message, you can simply close the new browser window or select another message from the message list window. If you wish to limit all of your page navigation to a single browser window, please visit your Direct Read News Preferences page, locate the "Open article" setting, select the "Same window" option, and click "Save Settings" to complete the settings change.

If you are viewing a message that appears within a discussion thread, the "Open Thread View" link opens a small window which will display each message that appears in that discussion thread. If you wish to view a particular message in the thread, simply click the link as it appears in the view thread window, and the message will appear in the separate message window. Using the example below, several people are participating in a discussion thread titled "What makes a good leader?", and the view thread window lists all the messages in that thread. To view "Sharon Smith's" message, you would click on her name in the list and her comments will appear in the message window. When you're done reading a discussion thread, simply close the view thread and message windows.

Previous & Next Message: These links allow you to move back and forth between posted messages in a newsgroup, without having to go back to the main Message List. As an example, if you were reading a message that had 20 additional reply messages associated with it, you could use "Previous" and "Next" to navigate through each of the messages that appeared within that particular discussion thread. These will follow the sort option you currently have selected.