The following Direct Read News toolbar appears after you've opened a newsgroup, and have retrieved a list of messages within that group. This toolbar offers a number of features and tools, which you may find helpful when interacting within a newsgroup. The individual toolbar features are discussed in greater detail below, and if you should have any questions about the Direct Read News interface that cannot be answered by these Help pages, please contact


 Toolbar Help Tips:

Quick Search: This feature allows you to search for messages that appear in a newsgroup that you are currently viewing. You can search by "Subject", "Author" and "Msg-ID", and the search results will be displayed in a separate pop-up window. From that pop-up window you can decode binary files, read specific messages, or view an entire discussion thread that a message appears in. As an example, if you were viewing the "newsguy.general" newsgroup you could search for any messages in that group posted by "Bob"...


Sort: If you have a preference for the way messages are sorted within a newsgroup, simply select a sort option from the pull-down menu, and click the "Sort" button to change the default setting for the group. Messages may be sorted by "Author Name", "Subject", "Current Date First", "Oldest Date First", "Detail Discussion Thread", "Summary Discussion Thread", or "Binaries Only". 

New Message: This toolbar icon takes you to an area where you can post a new message to a newsgroup, or reply to an existing message within one of the groups. For more information on posting a newsgroup message, please click here.

Subscribed List: Direct Read News offers a variety of user controlled preferences, and the interface can be easily customized. As an example,  you can create an access list of your favorite groups, commonly referred to as a subscribed list. Once you've subscribed to a collection of newsgroups, the "Subscribed List" icon provides a shortcut to that list.

Add Group: If you are accessing an interesting newsgroup, and would like to add it to your current subscribe/group list, simply click the "Add Group" icon and it will automatically be updated within your list.

Content Search: Two powerful search engines have been built into Direct Read News. "Content Search" locates message content within all of the newsgroups, and unlike static databases, this realtime search engine retrieves the latest messages posted within Usenet. This feature is different from "Quick Search" because your search requests would scan all of the newsgroups, as opposed to a specific newsgroup you were viewing.

Find Groups: Looking for a particular newsgroup? "Find Groups" will help you locate a specific newsgroup or a collection of newsgroups related to a topic of interest. 

Preferences: This area lets your customize the Direct Read News interface to your personal preferences. Subscribe to a collection of your favorite newsgroups, determine how messages will be sorted in your newsgroups, increase/decrease the number of messages you wish to view, create a default signature for your newsgroup messages, and more.

Email: If you currently maintain an active Newsguy Email account, this icon provides direct access to your mailbox via our Direct Read Mail web interface. Newsguy Email accounts may also be accessed through traditional POP clients such as Eudora or Outlook Express.

Help: Unfamiliar with a certain Direct Read News feature? Not sure how to post a message? Having trouble subscribing to your favorite newsgroups? "Help" provides you with instant access to our Direct Read News help pages.