After you have retrieved a collection of newsgroups through Direct Read News, they will be displayed in a list, much like the example shown below. Each newsgroup title within the list is displayed as a link, and you would simply click on that link to open a specific newsgroup. This area is discussed in further detail below, and if you have any questions about Direct Read News that cannot be answered by these Help pages, please contact


 Access Help Tips:

O / M: "O" and "M" will appear next to each newsgroup title within a list, and denotes whether a newsgroup is open or moderated. Open groups automatically accept posted messages, while moderated groups require that messages be forwarded to a moderator for approval first. Once a moderator has approved a message, it will be posted through to their newsgroup. In this example, all of the listed newsgroups are classified as open.

549: This number is an approximation of the number of messages posted to a given newsgroup. A number of factors come into play when determining this value, including the daily posting traffic to a group, the expiration of older articles in a group, as well cancelled spam messages, which are not counted as posted messages. This is a single newsgroup title, which appears within the example list referenced above. Each newsgroup title within the list appears as a link, and if you had an interest in accessing the messages within a particular newsgroup, you would simply click on that link within the list.