This area appears just below the Direct Read News toolbar and offers useful details about the newsgroups that you've accessed, as well as controls for navigating the newsgroup list. The information and controls within this area will change as you move from one Direct Read News page to the next (Newsgroup List, Message List, Message Page, etc.), and the following example is taken from the Newsgroup List page. If you have any questions about Direct Read News that cannot be answered by these Help pages, please contact


 Navigation Help Tips:

O / M: "O" and "M" will appear next to each newsgroup title within a list, and denotes whether a newsgroup is open or moderated. Open groups automatically accept posted messages, while moderated groups require that messages be forwarded to a moderator for approval first. Once a moderator has approved a message, it will be posted through to their newsgroup.

Previous Page / Next Page: Direct Read News will display 100 newsgroup titles per page, so if you've retrieved a list that contains more than 100 titles, "Previous Page" and "Next Page" will allow you to navigate through that listing of newsgroups.