When you've opened a specific message within a newsgroup, the message area will look something like the following illustration. This area is discussed in further detail below, and if you have any questions about Direct Read News that cannot be answered by these Help pages, please contact support@newsguy.com.


 Message Area Help Tips:

Title: When you've opened a message, it's title will appear in this area.

Author: When viewing a message, the author's name and/or email address will appear in this area. The author's email address will also appear as a link, and if you'd like to email the author, you would simply click on that link.

Date: This area indicates the time and date that the message was posted.

Message Body / Text: This area appears under the "Title", "Author", and "Date" information, and will display the contents of the message that a person has posted to a newsgroup. Depending upon the content that has been posted, a text message, multimedia file (photo, video, etc.) or HTML page will be displayed in this area. If a person has posted a text message to the newsgroup, it will look something like this when you open and view the message.

Message Body / Multimedia: Various types of multimedia files are posted to the newsgroups, and depending upon your "Preferences" settings, Direct Read News will display that content in different ways. If you've selected the "Display image in article" settings, a posted photo will automatically appear within an article's message body.

If this settings is not selected, the photo file will appear as a hypertext link within the message body, and when clicked on, the link will decode/display the photo. Other multimedia content (video, music, executable files, etc.) will always appear as a hypertext link within the message body of the post. The following examples show how a photo posting will be displayed in Direct Read News.