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Test Your Connection
Traceroute Test
When downloading data from NewsGuy, your connection will pass through a variety of Internet points, which include our local backbone, the site you connect from (ISP, work, school, etc.), and the backbone that supports your site. This is called an Internet connection route, and while each member connects to the same NewsGuy news servers, they all reach our service through different Internet routes. Some routes may perform better than others, so if you are currently running into slow downloads or disconnections when accessing NewsGuy, that the disruption may be related to your connection route. Click the following button to initiate the traceroute, and once the route details have been displayed with your web browser window, you can email a copy to our support staff for review.
Ping Test
When each point along a person's connection route is performing well, they should be able to download data through each of those route points without any reasonable delays. If a route point should experience a performance problem, this usually results in a person being unable to download data past that specific point on their route. This type of disruption is commonly referred to as "data loss", and if a route experiences more than 10% data loss, it will impact a person's performance. Click the following button to initiate a ping test, which will check for data loss along your unique connection route. If you record 10% data loss or higher, please run the traceroute test and  email a copy of the trace & ping results to our support staff for review.
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