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About Newsguy - In the Beginning

Newsguy / About NewsguyNewsGuy began as the dream of George and Adolph Noose. In 1942, they launched an airmail service, connecting exotic destinations from Secaucus to East Rutherford New Jersey. Unfortunately the war had left them without fuel, oil or even an operational airport. Adolph and George, pioneers that they were, remained undaunted by these minor setbacks.

 During the first three years of operation, the plane was hangered near the future site of Giant Stadium. Each morning George would load the mail into the plane and roll it out onto Route 3 where, joined by Adolph, the duo would push the bright red Cessna down the highway and through their...well,  sort of appointed rounds. It was hard work, difficult work, yes - perhaps even foolish work, but Adolph and George Noose were living their dream. 

All along the route people would throw rocks, canned goods and sometimes plump cabbages. George, thinking they had become local celebrities, took to wearing a glitter covered Spandex jump suit,  an excessively wide belt and shaved his head....then he shaved Adolph's head, but that's another story. The persistent application of a local New Jersey dialect eventually prevailed and formed the service's name; the crowd jeers of "Doze crazy Nooze guys" was reported by a tin eared reporter as "Doze crazy News guys" and "NewsGuy" became the name of the service. Hey, could of happened.

The Rocket Years

Newsguy / About NewsguyBy 1992 the effects of World War II were beginning to fade. Fuel was generally available and a significant number of vets had already returned home. While Adolph and George could now actually fly in the Cessna, the demand for airmail delivery between adjacent towns had begun to soften. They knew they needed a "hook" to draw new public attention and they felt speed could be the answer.

They strapped a rocket to George's butt and shot him into the night sky high above glamorous downtown Passaic. Unfortunately, George and/or the rocket encountered United Airlines Flight 706 at 35,000 feet, and George was pulled along until the flight terminated, rather abruptly, on the ground in a small town just outside of Montreal. Several weeks later, he was returned to the U.S. and his brother Adolph, under NAFTA guidelines, speaking French, and devoid of all import duties.

The New Deal

Adolph lapsed into a severe depression, though certainly not as bad as the whopper he went through between 1929-1939. George remembered the depression had been so bad it seemed to effect everyone around them. George attempted to raise Adolph's spirits by feigning mail deliveries, but it was getting increasingly difficult to find places to hide the Cessna for 8 hours while he was on his make belief rounds, especially since they were now living in an apartment above a downtown "Jack In The Box" family value restaurant. Then one day they heard a loud crash, a couple of screams and what sounded like tin foil rubbing over false teeth. They ran downstairs to investigate.

There, lying in the street in a tangled mess of Schwinn, newspapers and squashed Ho-Ho's was  Bob, a local newspaper boy. Each day, Bob delivered papers in the morning, collected in the afternoon, then spent the proceeds at the Jack In The Box beneath Adolph and George's apartment. In fact, it was Bob's Ho-Ho induced expansive persona that led to the Schwinn's frame fracture, and subsequent collapse to the pavement. Bob grunting, very unattractively through a mouth full of crumbling chocolate covered cake, begged assistance getting to the drive-thru window. George and Adolph, who both later testified they thought Bob wanted them to take over his route, instead ran off with Bob's leftover papers and loose change. On that day "NewsGuy News Service" was born.

Our New Facilities

Newsguy / About Newsguy / New Facilities

We hope to move into our new facility no later than December 2012. So far we are only missing sufficient funds, backing and a clear plan for success to take us there.

Newsguy / About Newsguy / Current Facilities

In the mean time, you can always reach us at our current location next to the Shell Station, just off the I90 St. Joe exit or, if traffic is heavy, off I25 at the Hillsboro Mall. Remember, it's the Hillsboro Mall the home of Pig Lickin' Chicken where the flavor of fat just slaps your nostrils like a barnyard bonanza.


Newsguy / About Newsguy / Joe ZipJoe Zip My job is to hang around and say, "thank you". Thank you for being one of those special people who have hung around with us over the years, started on Zippo News Service and went on to NewsGuy. Thank you if you're one of the folks who have just recently joined us. I hope we can live up to your expectations and keep you here. Thank you if you've just spent this time reading about us, we hope you'll give us a try.

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